Cos Legends Be Like…AAO KABHI HAVELI PE!


When he delivered this dialogue in the 90s movie, he scared us to death and now with the same dialogue being used as a meme….he is tickling us to death!!

That’s right! The “aao kabhi haveli pe” meme has been making rounds on the internet and we’er lovin’ it!! It’s funny it’s epic it’s legendary!!! There have been many memes on Amrish Puri dialogues..but nothing caught fire like “aao kabhi haveli pe”.

The meme has stormed all social media platforms be it facebook, twitter, whatsapp….. Not only that..Its customized Tees, mugs, mobile covers etc. are also becoming popular.

Chances are high that you have already stumbled across these on your social handles…  take a look at our favorite picks.

Image sources:,,,, imgrum, ludhiana live news, sizzle,, kachcha chittha

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