Sunny Leone becomes mother of twin sons


Ms. Leoni wrote a picture sharing on Twitter, “Two sons have been added to their family, their name is Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber.” In the picture shared on Twitter, Sunny, her husband Daniel and three children are seen.

It is important that Sunny and Daniyel recently adopted a two year old girl from Latur in Maharashtra, whose name is Nisha Kaur Weber.

He wrote, “There is no confusion now, Asher and Noah are our biological children, we chose surrogacy to fulfill our family and now it is complete.”

Sunny has written in another post, “On June 21, 2017, he came to know that in a time when his family would have three children, we thought for our family and after so many years now our family has now been completed.

Our son was born a few weeks ago, but we had many years in our eyes and hearts. God had made some special plans for us and now has given us a big family. We have become the proud parent of both the three children. ”

Sunny has written in my post that I and my husband Daniels are very happy after getting such a beautiful and big family.

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