The making of sabki Pasand Nirma……..



The time when people end their life’s for some stupid things.  We have story of a person who after his big lose not only stood back in life but moved with time.

Karsanbhai Patel his journey from Door to Door selling to Sabki Pasand Nirma…

Karsanbhai Patel lost his daughter Nirupama in a car accident after her death Karsanbhai used his B.Sc in chemistry knowledge and made detergent on his daughters nickname “Nirma”.

Karsanbhai Patel used to make detergent powder in the backyard of his house in Ahmedabad. He use to do door to door sell on cycle while going to office and returning from office. He did same thing for 3 yrs and In 3 yrs he got enough time to create his customer base and also to improve his product.

In 1969 he was impressing middle class customer by selling Nirma at Rs 3 per Kg, when other brands were selling detergents at the range of Rs 13 per Kg.

In 1972 he left his job and In small part of Ahmedabad he started a small shop where he got the chance to set more and grow in local area. As his work grew he kept hiring people.

And in few years only Nirma established itself as a huge brand in Gujarat, but Nirma faced lot of disappointment in other cities because of the reason that outside shopkeepers used to take Nirma on credit and lots of credit payment issues for repaying. At that time it was difficult for Nirma to survive in the market front of huge detergent giants, and slowly the sales graph of Nirma declined, seeing all this karsanbhai called for employers meeting and asked to stop supplying Nirma in market. This proved to be a huge shock for competitors and shopkeepers; But Karsanbhai was prepared with new strategy.

At that time India was rapidly growing and TV became part of every house.

Nirma supply was withdrawn from market and karsanbhai put all his money in Nirma advertisement. And he run that ad for 1 month on Dordarshan   “Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma.. sabki pasand Nirma …. Washing powder Nirma……. “This ad made a huge impact in market. Demand for Nirma was raising and this lead a problem for shopkeeper no supply and huge demand. Karsanbhai again called for employee meeting where he gave a list of terms and conditions for retailers. He started for Cash on Delivery policy for nirma. This decision changed the life of Nirma and also he became in among top list businessman of that time. At present Nirma provides 1500 people employment.


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